Krakow Plaszow II Sewage Treatment Plant

Location: Krakow, Poland


Client: MPWIK Krakow

Project Description:

The modernisation and extension of the Płaszów II sewage treatment plant created one of the most
technologically advanced and efficient treatment works in Central and Eastern Europe.Arup managed
the project, which resulted in a fully automated plant with advanced monitoring, instrumentation and
control systems.

The construction of secondary treatment works means that the plant can meet strict new EU and
Polish directives on the removal of nitrogen and phosphorus, which can choke rivers with algae. A new
treatment centre uses a patented method to disintegrate the sludge, helping to dewater it and increasing
biogas production by 20%. The biogas will be used to produce electricity. The dry sludge is to be
burned in a new incinerator plant, which is currently under construction and also managed by Arup’s team.
Capable of processing 23,400 tonnes of dry solid every day, the incinerator is 10% bigger than average plants.

With modernisation complete, 18ha of old lagoons, previously used for drying the sludge, could be reclaimed.
The project will also contribute to gradual restoration of water purity in the River Vistula and consequently,
the Baltic Sea. The Płaszów II plant will serve Krakow for the next 40 years.

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